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Prevention is always better than cure and that what Smart Diaper does, it lets you know when your baby needs a diaper change before it could develop into a rash. All this is done with a baby safe bluetooth device you stick on to a diaper and it’s connected to your phone. The app will notify you when your baby needs a diaper change, its that easy. Most importantly no more nappy rash.



Some babies cry when their diapers a full but others don’t, as parents learning how to handle a new born we need all the help we can get. Smart diaper is a bluetooth low energy 4.0 that connects to your phone via the Smart Diaper app where it’ll notify you when your baby has soil the diaper so that you can attend to it before your baby cries and way before any rash develops. It is made of medical grade silicon which is safe and non-toxic to your baby. It easily sticks to the outside of the diaper so it does not have direct contact to your baby’s skin.

With the app you can also track all the data of how often your baby pees, how many diaper change and most importantly logs the time and date, this is valuable data for both parents and pediatricians when monitoring your baby. So keep your baby comfortable all day and all night so that you can have better sleep at night.

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