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Who says that you cannot look your best even if you are pregnant or if you have just given birth? By using this toner and adding it to your everyday skincare regimen, you are guaranteed to make your skin look more radiant than ever.

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In your daily skincare routine for the body, you do not just wash your face to remove dirt and impurities after removing your makeup. After washing your face, apply a face toner to tone your face. This is to restore the lost glow of your skin. Do you want to get rid of your tired looking skin? Using the Plagentra Face Toner is a must try for your beauty and health and this applies for both men and women. It is formulated with guaranteed to be effective and mild ingredients that can revitalize and rejuvenate weary skin. The product is created by Plagentra, a company that was established in 2001. For years,the company has been developing and selling various products for pregnant women, lactating mothers and babies.

With your skin looking tired and dull all throughout the day which is a sign of aging. It can make you look older than your real age? There are various factors that can negatively affect your skin especially with too much sun exposure. Your skincare routine is one of the major contributing factors. That is why it is important that you take care of your skin and body and you only use products that are proven to be mild and effective in bringing back your skin’s natural radiance and glow.

When buying any skincare product, you need to be concerned with the ingredients used as these are the ones that cause side effects.Not all of the skincare products that you purchase in the market are guaranteed to be 100% safe to use.

Plagentra Face Toner does not contain hazardous ingredients. Unlike other skincare products, it does not have alcohol, synthetic perfume, paraben, phenoxyethanol and artificial pigment. So, you can be sure that the product is safe and there are no side effects.

Get rid of your exhausted skin and bring back its lost glow by using a facial toner that has a mild and effective formulation. From the brand that has successfully developed and launched skincare products in the market, you can now say goodbye to your worries.

The Plagentra Face Toner has a lot to offer. For one, it features the patented vegetable ingredients (BSASM) which can rejuvenate your dull and exhausted skin right away. Using this ingredient can calm and soothe the skin.

One of the signs of exhausted skin is that it looks dry and pale. It also contains natural and essential oil that can give your skin its much needed moisture. Working as a natural moisturizer, your skin is well-hydrated all throughout.

What is nice with this face toner is that it is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive or normal skin, you never have to worry since this toner is a specialized skincare. The manufacturer formulated the product in a way that will cater to those people who really have sensitive and acne prone skin.

By applying the toner after cleaning your face, you will notice that your skin looks more supple and radiant.




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Directions Of Use

Apply a proper amount and tap to facial spots. Apply after using facial wash

Facial Wash → Toner → Emulsion → Serum → Aqua Cream → Sunblock


Patented vegetable ingredients


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