Did you know that a mother’s immunity is passed on to her baby during pregnancy? This essential immunity is what protects a newborn during the first few months of life before he/she is vaccinated.

Before trying for a baby, it is advisable to be up-to-date on routine adult vaccinations. This is because certain vaccines that contain live strains of viruses (eg, varicella) may pose health risks for women who are pregnant. Depending on the vaccine, you may be required to avoid conception for a month after vaccination. On the other hand, vaccines that consist of inactivated strains are largely safe to be taken even as you try to get pregnant.

Not just for mothers

Vaccination is not just for mothers-would-be fathers would also do well to get themselves up-to-date with routine vaccines. As newborns are vulnerable to infections, both parents, as well as other individuals who may be in close contact with the infant, should take care not to pass on any infections.

Which vaccines to get?

The specific vaccinations that you may need depend on factors, eg, your age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions (if any), type and locations of travel, and previous vaccinations.

When to vaccinate?

It’s best to get the vaccines as early as possible before you plan to have a baby. Consult your doctor for further information.