How you, as men can support your wife in breastfeeding.

Words NOT to use with your wife 
1. No milk
2. Low supply
3. Why only 1 drop keh?
4. Your boobs look like a melon and it’s sagging
5. So many things to wash
6. Must I sterilize everything ?
7. Can you cover your boobs? It’s turning me on
8. When can we have sex ?
9. Your boobs is leaking and it’s making our bed wet
10. I am tired
11. The fridge is full of your milk and I have no space for my food
12. You eat like a horse. Stop eating or you will not lose weight
13. Is it painful when I press your boobs?
14. What?! The baby puke/poo again on MY side of the bed
15. Why do you need a back massage ?
16. Let’s use formula milk so my mom/sister/dad/etc can feed the baby bottle
17. Baby is always asking for you
18. Baby is crying and wants you again
19. I miss the cinema/beer
20. I want to hangout with the guys. Can you take care of the baby by yourself ?
21. You need to shower
22. You forgot the diapers, teether etc
23. Baby is not full
24. Let’s throw the milk. You can make more

Words to USE with your wife
1. You have enough milk to feed our baby
2. You are most beautiful when you nurse our baby
3. Let me give you a back/boob/feet massage
4. We can do this together. I am here for you, always
5. I love watching you breastfeed
6. Let me get you more water/red date etc
7. You just rest and let me wash and sterilize everything
8. What do you want to eat ? I’m buying grocery
9. I feel very happy your breast milk is keeping our fridge full
10. Sleep. I will fold the clothes.
11. My mom says you’re doing a good job.
12. I’ll change the bedsheets. It’s OK, I love the smell of your bm when you leak
13. Let me hold your milk collector. You just rest
14. Go watch some tv/read a book. I’ll watch the baby.
15. Let me change the diapers. I love it because you are keeping our baby well fed
16. Baby is sleeping well because of you
17. I’ll keep the milk in the fridge and label it properly
18. You are an amazing mother
19. My mom thinks you are the best wife for me
20. My dad thinks you’re saving us a lot of money because you choose to bf
21. Baby is smiling all the time
22. You don’t need a nursing cover at home. It’s our home and you can be topless
23. Take all the time you need in the showers. I’ll play with the baby
24. We can hug when the baby is asleep
25. I’ll stay up. Don’t worry. I’ve slept in the afternoon
26. I’ve eaten
27. I love the smell of your hair still
28. The house is clean
29. The dog/cat/etc is fed
30. I’ll pack the diaper bag