All mothers are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed their babies from birth to six months (6 completed months or 28 weeks or 180 days) and continue breastfeed until the baby is two years old (2 years).

Complimentary food can be given when the baby completes six months (6 months) of age.

From 0-6 months

Give breast milk only.

No water or supplements.

No complementary or weaning diet.

Breastfeeding and infant Feeding Policy

  1. Have a written breastfeeding policy that is routinely communicated to all health care staff.
  2. Train all health care staff in skills necessary to implement this policy.
  3. Inform all pregnant women about the benefits and management of breastfeeding.
  4. Help mothers initiate breastfeeding within a half-hour of birth. Place babies in skin-to-skin contact with their mothers immediately following birth for at least an hour. Help mothers to recognize when their babies are ready to breastfeed and offer help if needed.
  5. Show mothers how to breastfeed, and how to maintain lactation even if they should be separated from their infants.
  6. Given newborn infants no food or drink other than breast milk unless medically indicated.
  7. Practice rooming in – allow mothers and infants to remain together – 24 hours a day.
  8. Encourage breastfeeding on demand-baby-led feeding or follow baby feeding cues to sustain breastfeeding.
  9. Give no artificial teats or pacifiers (also called dummies or soothers) to breastfeeding infants.
  10. Foster the establishment of breastfeeding support groups and refer mothers to them on discharge from the hospital or clinic.
  11. Compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes – All health care staff should comply with the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.
  12. Mother Friendly Care – Hospital policy encourages mother-friendly labour and birthing practices and procedures.
  13. HIV and infant Feeding – All HIV positive mothers will be counselled and supported by health care staff on infant feeding.

Adapted From:

National Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding Policy (Ministry of Health Malaysia) & Ten Steps To Successful Breastfeeding (WHO/UNICEF: updated 2009)