Feeding baby frequently according to baby’s feeding cues.breastfeeding

Signs of Hunger

  • Increase eye movements.
  • Opens his or her mouth, stretches out tongue and turns the head to look for the beast.
  • Makes soft whimpering sounds.
  • Sucks or chews on hands, fingers, blanket or sheet, or any other object that comes in mouth contact.

Later Hunger Signs

  • Baby cries loudly, arches his or her back.
  • Difficulty in attaching to the breast.

Signs of Satiety (baby is full)

  • At the start of a feed, most babies have a tense body. As they get full, their body relaxes.
  • Most babies let go for the breast when they have had enough.
  • Some continue to take small gentle sucks until they are asleep. Let baby finish one breast before offering the other breast. The rich hind milk comes in only later and wit continuous suckling.