breastfeeding-fatherBreastfeeding is the greatest way to give the best start of life for your baby. It is economical, hygienic and instantly ready.

Mother’s milk is perfect. It is unique as milk is a living substance that helps to protect babies from illness, infection and is vital for growth and development.

There are several practical ways that you can support your wife to breastfeed:
• Bring a glass of water for your wife while she is nursing the baby
• Bring the baby to your wife to be fed, then help settle the baby later
• Help with burp and nappy changes
• Give your wife a back massage after she has nursed the baby.

It is recommended that babies are breastfed exclusively nutrition for the first 6 months, with no liquid or other food, as it is the most complete  your baby nutrition for your baby.

There are several ways fathers bond with their baby during the early months.
You may assist in the following ways:
• Bathing, nappy changes, dressing, embracing and playing with your baby.
• Taking your baby for a walk in a pram, backpack or sling. This will help give
your wife some time for herself, while giving you and your baby more time
together to bond.


Love, sex and romance. Is there hope after the baby? Babies do bring a range of lifestyle changes, including adjustments to their parent’s sex life. Talk to each other freely and express your love in different ways. Hugs and caresses show that you care, even if sex is not in your immediate plan. Remember changes like this are temporary and tend to be part of the ‘baby package’.

Breastfeeding makes your baby wonderfully portable and hassle free. You can go anywhere with your family and be assured that your baby can be breastfed anytime without worries, as opposed to carrying feeding equipment which must be kept clean and germ free.

Be proud that with your knowledge on the benefits of breastfeeding, you are giving support and confidence to your wife to successfully breastfeed. You have also chosen the right and perfect food for your baby.