Tips and guides on maternity and baby for mothers

Malaysia Breastfeeding Policy

All mothers are encouraged to exclusively breastfeed their babies from birth to six months (6 completed months or 28 weeks or 180 days) and continue breastfeed until the baby is two years old (2 years). Complimentary food can be given when the baby completes six...

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Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercises During Pregnancy During pregnancy, an exercise routine will help both your mind and body feel good. It tones your muscles and makes them stronger, and gives you and your baby more oxygen. But before you start exercising for two, talk to your healthcare...

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Benefits Of Breastfeeding To Mothers

Benefits of Breastfeeding To Mothers Protects against breast and ovarian cancer. Helps unwind after a busy day at work. Helps with family planning and natural child spacing. Reduces risk of osteoporosis and heart disease. Helps lose extra maternal weight gain. Gives...

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Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Initial Skin To Skin and Early Breastfeeding Benefits Calms the mother and baby. Helps to stabilize baby's heart beat and breathing patterns. Keeps the baby warm with the mother's body heat. Promotes bonding and helps breastfeeding to get Allows baby to self attach to...

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Supplements For Pregnancy

Medications and supplements Always talk to your doctor before taking medications. This includes prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, as well as prenatal vitamins and supplements. Iron makes the extra blood you need now. Folic acid prevents spina bifida (a birth...

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Breastfeeding Anti Colic Diet

Foods to be avoided ·    Mangoes. ·    Berries. ·    Melons. ·    Pineapples. ·    Strawberries. ·    Stone Fruits. ·    Brussel Sprouts. ·    Lemon Juice. ·    Oranges. ·    Peas. ·    Cabbage. ·    Lettuce. ·    Radish. ·    Turnip. ·    Grapes. ·    Tomato. ·  ...

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Pregnancy Weight Gain

Breakdown of typical pregnancy weight gain: Baby 3.4 – 3.8 Kg Breast enlargement 1.3 Kg Placenta 0.45 – 0.9 Kg Blood and body fluids 1.8 – 3.6 Kg Amniotic Fluid 0.9-1.3 Kg Uterine weight gain 0.9-1.3 Kg Maternal fat stores 2.2-3.6 Kg Total Weight gain 11.1-16.1...

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Food That Boost Breastmilk

68 Foods that boost your breastmilk supply ·    Almonds. ·    Avocado. ·    Apples. ·    Apricots. ·    Asparagus. ·    Bananas. ·    Barely. ·    Beef Soup ·    Beetroot. ·    Buckwheat. ·    Basil Leave. ·    Brown Rice. ·    Brewer Yeast. ·    Black Sesame. ·  ...

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Foods That Boost Your Milk Supply

Food That Boost Your Milk Supply ·    Oats ·    Flax Seeds ·    Yams ·    Rice ·    Nuts ·    Ginger ·    Papaya ·    Dill ·    Plain Yogurt ·    Salmon ·    Spinach ·    Butter/Oils ·    Garlic ·    Carrots ·    Beets ·    Barley ·    Pea’s ·    Sweet ·    Potatoes...

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Food That Create Mucus

Food That Create Mucus ·    Corn ·    Corn Oil ·    Milk ·    Cottage Cheese ·    Yogurt ·    Syrup ·    Jams and Jellies ·    Ice-cream ·    Cookies ·    Butter ·    Cereals ·    Pies ·    Ghee ·    Chips ·    Bread ·    Pretzels ·    Deep-fried Foods ·    Cake ·  ...

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