Tips and guides on maternity and baby for mothers

How To Support Your Wife In Breastfeeding

How you, as men can support your wife in breastfeeding. Words NOT to use with your wife  1. No milk 2. Low supply 3. Why only 1 drop keh? 4. Your boobs look like a melon and it’s sagging 5. So many things to wash 6. Must I sterilize everything ? 7. Can you cover your...

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Vaginal Birth

Once your cervix is fully dilated, you can begin pushing. At this point you may have a burst of energy. The delivery itself may take a few contractions or a few hours. If your baby needs help getting out of the birth canal, your healthcare provider will assist you....

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Benefits of Rooming With Baby

Allows mother and baby remain together 24 hours a day. Babies are not separated from mother for more than an hour. Baby is exposed to less infections when with mother than being in the nursery. Mother and baby develop better sleep / awake rhythm. Baby sleeps better...

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Benefits Of Rooming With Baby

Rooming In - Allows mother and baby remain together 24 hours a day. Babies are not separated from mother for more than an hour. Mother and baby develop better sleep/awake pattern Baby sleeps better and cries lesser Breastfeeding gets established Baby gains weight more...

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Managing Discomfort in 3rd Trimester

The discomforts that follow are most common during the third trimester, but they can occur at any point throughout the nine months. The tips below may help. But at times, getting comfortable will not be easy. In some cases, you may just have to make the best of it....

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Second Trimester Tips

These hints may help relieve some minor complaints in the second trimester: To limit ankle Swelling, sit with your Treating constipation You may be constipated because the feet raised. For leg Cramps, Wear Support hose. get enough exercise and Wear Shoes with flexible...

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Going to the Hospital

It’s finally happening! You begin to feel active labour Contractions and it's time to go to the hospital. Know when it is a true a labour that warrants a hospital admission. True Labour A 'bloody show' may be the first sign, often along with Crampy pains. Contractions...

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Early Breastfeeding Benefits

Early Breastfeeding Benefits calms the mother and baby helps to stabilise baby's heart beat and breathing pattern keeps the baby warm with the mother's body heat promotes bonding and helps breastfeeding to get started allows baby to self attach to the breast enables...

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Breastfeeding Facts For Fathers

Breastfeeding is the greatest way to give the best start of life for your baby. It is economical, hygienic and instantly ready. Mother's milk is perfect. It is unique as milk is a living substance that helps to protect babies from illness, infection and is vital for...

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Managing Discomfort in Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you will experience symptoms that may be uncomfortable.  Here's some ways to manage the pregnancy discomfort. Reducing heartburn The hormones produced during pregnancy cause the muscles in the digestive tract to relax. Because of this, your food...

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