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Whether you need it for nurturing your baby or for a gift for special occasions like birthdays or baby shower, we are committed to give you only the best natural baby products.

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In using products for your baby, you want to make sure that you only use safe, 100% all natural and highly recommended organic baby products to avoid irritations and other side effects that usually occur when a product has harsh chemicals in it. When it comes to searching for a brand, most of the products in the market today use chemicals and other components that can be harsh to your baby’s skin. You are assured of our products that make use of plant-based ingredients. 

Baby Cream

Our primary focus is to provide proven to be safe and natural products for your baby’s sensitive skin. There are no additives, preservatives, chemicals, parabens or other artificial ingredients. Rest assured that they are specifically designed for those who are in search for top quality skincare products that have gentle formulation.

Smart Diaper

As the name suggest it is the smarter way to manage your baby’s diaper, using technology. One of the biggest challenge for newly parents is how to manage baby’s diaper change. The worst that could happen when you fail to change a diaper on time is that it’ll develops into a rash or fungal infection that would be very uncomfortable and not to mention painful for the baby if the condition is serious. This also effects you as parents having a baby crying over pain for it takes 2-3days to heal.

Baby Nappy Cream

Babies have really soft and sensitive skin. By using only certified and organic ingredients, the brand provides gentle and safe formulation that other products do not offer. Parents need not worry since the products do not have harsh and artificial irritants. No need to think about skin allergies and other negative effects of using products that contain harsh ingredients.

Our Happy Customers

"I used the baby nappy cream for my baby rash and the rash was much better within hours ! "

Sheila binti Abdullah

"I love the stretch mark cream. Smell nice and not greasy at all. The lines are much less visible. "

Lee May Ling

"The face serum was moisturising and smooth to my skin. I used it everyday."

Jessica Ho

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